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IKEA Design System

My role – Lead UX Designer
Agency — Possible London
Client — IKEA
Year — 2018
Project Overview
Redefining and redesigning digital environment of one of the world’s most iconic brands and creating brand first Design System.
My Contributions
My role as lead UX was to make sure each template, component and interaction pattern was well documented with usage rules and were following usability and accessibility standards.
IKEA Design system UX
For a brand that operates in a global scale, keeping a visual consistency across all platforms and markets is an extremely hard task unless you have defined certain rules.

In 2017 IKEA realised that without those rules aggregated in a Design System, it is impossible to create a cohesive brand appearance across eCommerce websites, HR platform, in-store kiosks, mobile apps etc. To better understand the problem we carried out multiple workshops with stakeholders of various disciplines within IKEA, which allowed us to define needs and set up an initial plan.

Working collaboratively with the client we set up the overall brand digital Creative Direction and foundation defining: Brand colours, Typography rules, Grid, Spacing and measurements, Iconography and Motion. In the following stages of the project we worked through fundamental components and modules used across their platforms.

To make an access to all documentation easy to obtain we created an online platform, where IKEA employees can read specifications and best practices, download assets and play, test and customise each of the components.

Due to confidentiality of the project I’m not allowed to present any platform design work publicly yet.
The team
Executive Creative Director — Pablo Marques
Creative Director — Ben Bashford
Head of Design — Dennis Christensen
Head of UX — Scott Shaw
Design Director — Wojciech Zalot
Lead UX Designer — Pontus Persson
Lead UID — Vladimir Exil
Designer — Charlie Harding
Account Director — Lauren Kluckow
Project Director — Suzanna Haworth