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BetVictor Mobile Applications


While most competitors were first to market with mobile solutions, they were often lacking essential features and no product had yet created a seamless app that contained sports betting, live betting and gaming/casino. How could BetVictor create the best possible betting and gaming experience in one single app?

Simply creating one app to rule them all. We created an app where users only needed to log in once and have everything they need in the one app. They were able to follow and place bets on a live match at the same time as they play casino games. This was the first pure native application in the online betting/gaming industry.

The app was well received with 4.5 App Store rating and BetVictor was awarded the Runner Up Mobile operator of the year. After one year the app stood for 50.3% of BetVictors total revenue.

Lead UX/UI Designer

Turlough Lally, Director of Mobile
Shane Courtney, Senior Project Manager
Fernando Diaz, Head of Development
Alejandro Portillo Guerrero, Senior iOS Developer
Juan Miguel García Mesa, Web Development Team Leader
Ezequiel González Herrera, Senior Frontend Developer
Javier Jiménez, Senior Javascript and Ruby on Rails Developer
Francisco Ruiz Benito, Senior Javascript and Ruby on Rails Developer

Key screens application map

Key screens application map