Lead UX Designer

Aston Martin

Aston Martin Global Website


Create the most beautiful cinematic website as if directed by a filmmaker.

Our aim with the global Aston Martin site was to create a cinematic experience to really show the beauty of the cars, at the same time we wanted to let the user control the narrative. Along the user's journey there are different paths they can take. 
Rather than taking the traditional car site approach we looked at fashion. Instead of looking at the cars as models, we saw them as collections. We didn't want to talk so much about the technical features, we wanted to show the love of beautiful and tender care that goes into every detail making these cars.

Instead of relying on a functional navigation we are letting the user control the narrative with branching, interlinked content that allows for a different experience every visit while leaving the navigation more of a secondary fallback option.

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The live site is the MVP, or MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) as we'd like to call it, of the full version that will get released in multiple stages. 

Lead User Experience Designer

Pablo Marques, Executive Creative Director
Dennis Christensen, Head of Design
Ben Bashford, Head of UX
Jesper Winther, Design Director
Edie Greaves, Senior Strategist
Péter Schmíz, Head of UID


Initial UX presentation

(Keynote screen recording)