Your privacy

Last updated: 2020-07-24
Your Data
This purpose of this site is to showcase my work, so I don't collect any of your data. Because I don't collect it, I can't use it, store it or share it and it can't be exported. In other words: no data.
Tracking and Cookies
I don't use any trackers or cookies to track you around the internet. I previously used Google Analytics, but realised I don't need 500 pages of stats and graphs for the amount of visitors I have on this site. I believe your privacy weighs more than me knowing if you came here through Google or Linkedin. This site is hosted by Webflow and as far as I know they don't collect or store any details either as this is a paid service connected to my domain.
External links
There are a few external links on this site and obviously, I assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies or practices of any third party sites or services.
All content or this site is copyrighted by me, members of my team or the client.
Contact and changes
This privacy policy could be changed if I decide to start track your traffic in the future (I doubt it though). If you have any questions about your privacy, use the links below to contact me (I would leave my email address here but not everyone values privacy as much as I do and it would lead to a lot of spam emails, and I dislike spam as much as you do).